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                北京翻譯公司:恭祝北京新語絲翻譯咨詢有限公ζ 司入選國家級中國信用企業(CCECS)!官方推薦,誠信品牌!中國譯協推薦翻譯公司!

                Corporate Profile

                Ever since it was established, Beijing Synchros Translation Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to excellence, fast response, and total confidentiality. Our commitment to delivering top-quality translation/interpretation services has helped us build a vary large customer base, and to enjoy long-term partnerships with major clients.

                The Synchros operation continues to expand. Currently, we employ a permanent team of dozens of highly qualified translators/interpreters, together with over 1,000 contracted personnel, as well as top experts around the world who provide top quality editing services in their native tongue.

                All Synchros personnel have proven expertise in their particular fields, and their work is strictly supervised by our team of technical experts and advisors. We have achieved an excellent reputation for the reliability of our translation/interpretation work, and we spare no effort to give our satisfied clients an accurate, specialized and prompt service.

                We have particular expertise in the IT, machinery, insurance, law, pharmaceutical, chemical, communications and power sectors. Our clients include government agencies, international organizations and domestic/foreign institutions, as well as many foreign companies who trust us to provide them with an efficient service.

                We also provide a one-stop service including translation, proofreading, text processing, typesetting, printing and binding.

                We look forward to working with you, and to welcoming you among our growing list of discerning clients.

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                新語絲北京翻太可惡了譯公司的地址:北京市朝陽區朝陽北路199號◤摩碼大廈1119室(100026) 電話:010-85969292/9393 24小時熱線:15811537655  

                版權所有       1999-2017       新語絲北京翻譯公司備案號為:京ICP備13004889號-1       京妖仙一脈公網安備 11010502042637號